We invite you to experience the very essence of Wallis and Jazz - Chic, Elegant and 'Vintage New' pieces inspired by Parisian cat walks. Unlike may other fashion labels we aim to keep things boutique and not mass produce. We consider Wallis and Jazz as a 'Slow Fashion' Brand meaning we do not mass produce.This creates a smaller carbon footprint which is good for all of us! Our vision for Wallis and Jazz is to create a meaningful product. In a world of smoke a mirrors, gimmicks and mass produced culture, we aim to bring something real, something honest to the table. Inspired by the greats, Wallis and Jazz aims to bring vintage chic back, without having to wear preloved and without having to harm our beautiful environment. 

We are always continuing to take reasonable steps to make sure that our production is as ethical and environmentally sustainable as possible and that we continue to keep our prices reasonable to ensure quality is maintained at the highest of standards. 


With a love for a relaxed tropical lifestyle, I grew up in the bushland in the small town of Broome in Western Australia’s Outback.  Inspired by the culture of the remote Kimberly landscape, I love fusing the styles of east and west, and envisions the brilliant hues of Indian ocean sands and sunsets, contrasting with the famous trademark reds of the Kimberly ‘dirt’ against the bluest of skies and turquoise seas.    
My adventures led me to all around Europe and eventually Paris, where I realised my keen eye for European fashion. The cuts and designs have inspired what you see today. I am ever changing the prints and carefully making the design and cuts slightly 'more' than the year before and always staying true to what I feel is elegant, classy and beautiful.
After Europe I came back to Australia to create Wallis and Jazz. After frequenting Bali many times and having various 'experiences' with different tailors, I came across Ny and her family and the rest is History.