At Wallis and Jazz, every creation is a testament to the visionary artistry of our founder and creative director, Jasmine Wallis. Inspired by a fusion of contemporary elegance and her rich Indigenous heritage, Jasmine crafts designs that epitomise sophistication.

To achieve our unparalleled standards of excellence, we collaborate with Artisan manufacturers nestled in the idyllic landscapes of Bali.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of sustainability and ethical production, we meticulously source our materials, prioritizing certified organic fabrics whenever possible. Our commitment extends beyond fashion; by 2025, our ambition is to exclusively utilities organic and responsibly sourced materials, from the fabrics adorning our designs to the packaging that carries them.

Each creation at Wallis and Jazz is a labor of love, meticulously fitted and refined to perfection. From hand-selected trims to custom-made embellishments, every detail exudes opulence and refinement. Our dedication to limited runs and made-to-order collections for our esteemed wholesalers ensures that exclusivity remains the hallmark of our brand.

With every stitch, Wallis and Jazz celebrates the allure of timeless elegance, offering discerning clientele a glimpse into a world where quality seamlessly intertwines with sustainability and ethical craftsmanship.