The perfect place for a smart casual dress code - Review time!

We embarked on a culinary journey, arriving punctually at 1:15 for a nine-course degustation experience at the enchanting Tweed River House. Our anticipation was met with sheer delight as the day unfolded. Trusted friends had fervently recommended this establishment, touting it as the epitome of fine wine, delectable a la carte cuisine, and impeccable service. So, our sojourn led us to the hallowed halls of the River House.

Nestled at the terminus of a serene suburban lane in the heart of Murwillumbah, New South Wales, the unassuming exterior of this hidden gem belies the sophistication within. Tucked away amidst residential homes, the Tweed River House emanates an aura of timeless elegance, its colonial-style architecture lending an almost ironic charm to this splendid locale. The warm welcome by the amiable maitre d' immediately sets the tone, but it's the ambiance that truly captivates.

High, intricately detailed pressed tin ceilings preside overhead, while Cane furniture exudes an air of classic refinement. Ceiling fans, their blades reminiscent of tropical banana leaves, stir a gentle breeze. Underfoot, polished timber floors reflect the warm glow of the room. Artwork and prints adorning the walls transport patrons to a bygone era, featuring images of plantations, palm trees, and scenes steeped in history. Here, amidst such refined surroundings, one can confidently embrace smart casual attire.

Seated on the veranda, overlooking the serene river, our journey commenced with a delightful dilemma: choosing a libation to set the mood. The menu offered an array of cocktails, exquisite wines, and locally brewed beers, but prudence dictated moderation, given the absence of a designated driver. In the end, the choice was clear: a glass of 'Le Brut,' a chardonnay pinot noir champagne, a delightful beginning to an evening filled with culinary delights.

Prompt and impeccable service marked the delivery of the first course, which arrived within moments of our seating. Although offered the option to linger and unwind, our appetites prevailed, and we appreciated the swift attention. This was one of many highlights of the evening. 

When indulging in a celebratory feast, we prefer to savor items from the appetizer menu, enabling us to sample a variety of flavors. The nine-course degustation (though a five-course option is available, as well as a vegan alternative) offers the perfect opportunity to explore the offerings at the Tweed River House. Each course was thoughtfully described by our attentive table attendant, who also offered expert advice on wine pairings. Though we exercised restraint in our alcohol consumption, the sommelier's extensive knowledge of the wine list, the restaurant's history, and the cuisine itself left us duly impressed. Diligently guiding patrons in their wine choices, the sommelier proved a valuable addition to the evening.

Even a mere perusal of the menu is enough to evoke salivation. The a la carte portions, while somewhat modest, ensure that hunger is not left unaddressed. As each dish arrived, we found ourselves immersed in the intricate flavours, delightful textures, and the sheer quality of the culinary creations. It's safe to say that French cuisine rarely finds a superior counterpart, except perhaps on French soil. The quality of the ingredients surpassed even some of the most esteemed French establishments we've had the privilege to dine in.

When locally sourced ingredients, regionally crafted wines, and impeccable service converge within such a picturesque setting, the result is a perfect symphony of culinary delight. The Tweed River House strikes a harmonious balance between relaxed plantation-style ambiance and the artistry of a Chef Hat dining experience. 

This memorable evening was a testament to excellence, an establishment we eagerly anticipate sharing with our friends. Our heartfelt thanks to the entire team for rekindling our passion for gastronomy.


In a world where elegance and etiquette are increasingly supplanted by artificial luxury, the Tweed River House offers a cherished journey back in time, where the finer details continue to matter.