We use rayon for most of our ranges and never stray far from this fabric. Not only is the hand-feel incredibly soft, the weight of it hangs gently from the body, putting comfort and timelessness hand-in-hand. This breathable fibre is made from regenerated wood pulp – a manmade renewable plant material that is a natural cellulose-based raw fibre with a silk-like aesthetic and a soft drape. An added bonus is that is uses half the energy to produce than cotton, enabling us to tread a little lighter on our Earth.



A natural cellulosic fibre which is 100% biodegradable, cotton is an environmentally friendly fabric that’s extremely durable, breathable and hypoallergenic – but we use cotton less frequently at Wallis and Jazz and will continue to do so until we find a trusted organic cotton source. We do believe however that organic cotton is the way of the future, and feel as though it is incredibly important to support organic cotton farmers and the demand for this kind of certified material.