Slow fashion that is sustainable and affordable!

What does slow fashion mean? In this article, we'll show you what slow fashion means and how you can start making more sustainable choices today.


Did you know that the number of clothes produced every year has doubled since 2000?

There's no doubt that we're living in a fast-fashion world. Even high-end designers are now bringing out far more lines than they used to.

But, this is becoming a problem. With more clothes comes more waste, and our team at Wallis and Jazz simply aren't okay with that! That's why we're here to make a change, turning the attention onto slow fashion and (maybe) saving the world. 

Read on to find out more about slow fashion and how it can help our planet.


What is Fast Fashion?


To learn about slow fashion, we first need to talk about fast fashion. This is the approach that most high street shops now take, where they pump out endless amounts of new clothes constantly. Where once new lines were released four times a year with the changing seasons, they're now released every week!

A lot of fast fashion is also incredibly cheap. Big-name brands produce masses of clothing at super low prices, encouraging their audience to buy more and more. However, there are a lot of more expensive brands that are still fast fashion culprits, so watch what you're spending your money on!


The Problem With Fast Fashion


We really don't want to be Debbie Downers, but fast fashion isn't a good process to buy into. The clothes aren't just cheap to buy, they're cheaply made, too. They often aren't good quality and break quickly, leading to a whole heap of waste.


Fast fashion also has a number of sustainable issues during production. Because they're made so cheaply, there have to be compromises made. These are in the materials used - such as plastic-heavy polyester or cotton sourced from unsustainable land - the processes - such as polluting local waterways with chemicals - and the work itself - with many unfair labour practices.


Ethically and sustainably, fast fashion is a minefield of problems. 


Some Statistics About Fast Fashion


To show you more about the world of fast fashion, here are some important statistics:


60% of clothes bought are thrown out in the first year

One truckload of textile waste is emptied into the landfill or burnt every second

Only a quarter of the 5.8 million tonnes of clothes thrown away every year are dumped

The fashion industry produces more CO2 than the flight industry and shipping combined

20% of wasted water around the world comes from the fashion industry


As fast fashion continues to increase, these figures are only set to get worse. The mantra of "spend more, buy less" has turned into "spend less, buy more".


Slow Fashion is the Sustainable Choice


Okay, so it's all been a bit bleak so far. But now it's time for the sunshine and rainbows! We're talking, of course, about slow fashion brands.


If you're looking for a slow fashion definition, we'd describe it as the opposite of fast fashion. It's a method of production that puts ethical and sustainable practices first. In slow fashion, there aren't compromises. 


A slow fashion brand is aware of the processes and resources it takes to create garments. It doesn't quickly churn out poor-quality clothing. Instead, it takes time to create a few high-quality pieces that are made to last.


The best slow fashion brands advocate keeping your clothes for longer, too. Whether this means wearing your outfits way more than once or putting your sewing skills to the test to mend a hole. Whatever keeps your wardrobe from the landfill is a good thing in our books!


There's also a higher value for the people involved. Fair wages, safe working environments, and respect are given to every person at every step of the supply chain.


Slow fashion is a sister of the ethical and sustainable fashion movements. There's a lot of overlap here! But, slow fashion is specifically about decreasing consumption and improving production.


The Characteristics of a Slow Fashion Brand


We get that there's a lot to take in here. So, to make it easier to spot a slow fashion brand, here are some of the key characteristics:


  • Fewer clothing options
  • Fewer new releases
  • High-quality, sustainable materials
  • Timeless designs rather than following trends
  • More transparency in the supply chain


A lot of the time, slow fashion is made in smaller batches, in smaller factories. This isn't mass production - in fact, it's very far from it!


Can You Find Affordable Slow Fashion?


Now for the question on everybody's lips! Can you find affordable slow fashion?


The answer is kind of. Whilst you're not going to find tops for a few dollars, you can find sustainable slow fashion that doesn't break the bank. 


When we talk about cost in the fashion industry, it's important to remember that fast fashion prices aren't sustainable. When a garment is so cheap, it means that there have been compromises.


This could be unfair wages or unsafe working conditions. Or, it could mean cheap materials that are bad for the planet. Whatever it is, someone else has paid to keep the cost low.


So, slow fashion will never be as cheap as some fast fashion garments. But it also doesn't have to be over $100 for a t-shirt. There is a middle ground, and that's where we should all be!


Wallis and Jazz Australian Designer


At Wallis and Jazz, we offer slow fashion that isn't high budget. Our tropical fashion clothing is made by a beautiful tailor in Bali, a tropical paradise in itself! Everyone is paid fairly and treated well, giving them a safe and prosperous environment to work in.


We use sustainable materials and create timeless styles. Our pieces aren't designed to be worn a few times. They're designed to last a lifetime.


Made from rayon and cotton, our clothing has less of a negative impact on the planet. From the fish in the sea to the people in far-flung lands, everyone benefits when you choose slow fashion.


Browse Our Slow Fashion Ranges


If you're ready to start creating a slow fashion wardrobe, start browsing through our collections today! With tropical, boho vibes, there's just enough to keep everyone happy.


If you have any questions about Wallis and Jazz, feel free to get in touch with our team. We'll be more than happy to help!